Destiny Raid Light Level Will be 360 To Start With, 400 on Hard Mode

One of the biggest priorities for Destiny players once they hit Level 40 is raising your Light level, which will continue to increase as you find better gear. Now, Destiny dev Christopher Barrett has revealed the recommended Raid Light level, which is around 360. It will be even higher on the game’s hard mode, up to 400.

This new high Light level is possible because the Light cap is going to be raised as Rise of Iron releases, allowing players to access the new raid, called Wrath of the Machine. In that raid, players will have to infiltrate the new Plaguelands area in order to stop the threat of the SIVA once and for all.

The SIVA is the main threat of the expansion, a technological plague that the Fallen have taken control of in order to try and gain the advantage on humanity. It was responsible for the disappearance of every Iron Lord except for Lord Saladin, who will also play an important role in the expansion.

In addition to being the Raid Light level in Rise of Iron, players will also have to be Light level 360 in order participate in the Nightfall strikes, special challenge strikes that will earn you greater rewards.

In addition to the new Raid Light level that will be increased in the expansion, the Prison of Elders and Queen’s Bounty reward packages are also getting adjustments, so it’s likely that you’ll be able to get new rewards whenever you’re turning something in to Petra Venj at the Reef or after completing a successful run in the Prison of Elders.

Coupled with the Archon’s Forge and the other rewards we’ll be getting with factions at the Tower, and Rise of Iron seems like it will be doing its best to help players get to a proper Light level to access the Raid.