Dead Rising 4: Return to the Mall Trailer Shows Weapons, Some Plot

A new Dead Rising 4 trailer has come out to show off some of the game’s new weapons, along with a little bit of the game’s plot. The Dead Rising 4: Return to the Mall trailer once again stars everyone’s favorite war-covering photographer Frank West as he goes into the mall for some investigative reporting.

Unfortunately, what Frank finds inside is definitely far worse and far more dangerous, and showcases what players will be doing when they pick up Dead Rising 4. In addition to that, however, the trailer shows off what many people play Dead Rising 4: the completely whacked-out weapons.

We get to see a wide variety of ways to kill zombies in the Dead Rising 4: Return to the Mall trailer, ranging from mundane ways like guns and your bare fists, to other weapons like swords, a fireworks cannon, a fireworks bomb, and even an exosuit that allows Frank to rip zombies apart.

We also get to see a few other things about the plot: Frank appears to originally be in Willamette (again) for some notes, but it would appear that he gets wrapped up in yet another government conspiracy as we also see a bunch of military-looking guys walking around the mall. What they could be there for is a mystery, but who knows?

Either way, the Dead Rising 4: Return to the Mall trailer shows that Dead Rising 4 will likely have the same sort of wacky, zombie-killing fun that the other Dead Rising games have had, and with there not being a timer this time, you’ll have all the time in the world to find creative new ways to kill zombies.

If you want to see the trailer for yourself, it’s up at the top of the page. Dead Rising 4 will be arriving on Xbox One and Windows PC on December 6 of this year.