Andrew House: The Era of “New and Different Microsoft” Was “Short Lived”

Microsoft came up with an array of ways to take jabs at Sony after the announcement of PS4 Pro. Microsoft trolled PS4 Pro and Sony on numerous occasions since September 7.

It is the first time in history that a Microsoft console is ahead of PlayStation in terms of specs. And considering how things have been for Xbox One since 2013, Microsoft’s desperation to use this opportunity to take shots at Sony is quite understandable.

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Not that Sony’s any better than Microsoft in this regard. Back in 2013 Sony released a video showing how easy it is to share games with friends on PS4, taking a shot at Microsoft’s original always online and DRM policies for Xbox One.

Speaking about Microsoft’s recent jabs at PS4 Pro, Andrew House stated that the stories of a changed Microsoft have been around for a while now but it seems the change was short lived.

I thought it was quite intriguing given that we’d seen a year of stories about “a new and different Microsoft” in terms of their attitude towards the competition.

He added:

That was rather short lived, wasn’t it.

While Phil Spencer himself choose to remain civil other Microsoft executives choose not to. Phil Spencer said that he would like to remain focused on what they are building for Xbox.

We have seen friendly comments as well as negative dialog between the two companies. In the midst of all the competition, the winner will always be the user.

Taking jabs is fine as long as both companies remain civil.

PS4 Pro is coming out on November 10 and it would be interesting to see what Microsoft’s attitude would be if the console turns out to be a massive hit, similar to PS4.

Source: Digital Spy