Legend Of Zelda Breath of The Wild Trademark Reveals Nintendo NX Will Support Cartridges

For past couple of months there have been a lot of leaks and rumors regarding Nintendo NX, and it seems that these leaks and rumors are not going to stop. Among so many rumors another insider report has surfaced that suggests that Nintendo NX might actually support cartridges.

All Games Delta has posted on their Twitter account that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild trademark hints that Nintendo NX will be using cartridges.

Nintendo opted for a more commonly used Blu-ray drive that is also used on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. However, it seems that the company is going back for the uniqueness of their hardware and will be using the cartridges.

Recently, a rumor emerged that Nintendo NX will offer a subscription based model to its users.

According to the report, it is an optional model that will allow gamers to play all Nintendo games for $10 a month. Subscribers will be offered NX hardware for free. Meanwhile, those who prefer paying full price upfront for the console and buy cartridges are free to do that.

While this model seems economical but it will be hard for the third party developers to get on board with this idea. That is because this model depends upon how many people have subscribed, and developers invest quite some fortune to their games, and this model does not ensure that they make their money back.

So what do you think of Nintendo opting to use cartridges instead of an optical drive? Let us know in the comments.