Watch Dogs 2 Thematic Narrative Approach Allows Diverse Gameplay, New Details Revealed

Watch Dogs is one of the most controversial game release of the current generation of Consoles, mostly due to its graphics being downgraded massively compared to what was shown during E3 2012. Nonetheless Ubisoft did introduce interesting concepts, upon which the developers are expanding in the Sequel. Now game’s creative director has revealed some new details about Watch Dogs 2 thematic narrative approach and more.

In a recent Q&A session hosted on the Ubisoft official Twitter profile, game director Jonathan Morin answered many fan’s questions. One fans asked about the mission variety in Watch Dogs 2, which was severely lacking in the original game.

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According to Jonathan Morin, the new Watch Dogs 2 thematic narrative approach has allowed the developers to not only explore various themes centered around people’s relationship with technology, but it has also allowed them to offer a unique gameplay experience which could be tied to a certain mission, and this also applies for the side missions in the game.

He also said that the development team tried to put as many as possible bay area activities in Watch Dogs 2. He also revealed that there will be a VIP club that does sailing boat races. According to him, this activity has been implemented to give players a feel of California. He also revealed that E-cart racing is also a possibility.

Jonathan also revealed that players will be able to challenge their friends at any time , however, doing so will not grant them followers, so that hackers won’t be able to exploit the system.

According to him, there will be plenty of customization possibilities in Watch Dogs 2, and the developers are interested to see how players will conceal themselves from other players through clothing. He also confirmed that Decryption Mode will not be coming back.

Watch Dogs 2 is scheduled to release on November 15, 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.