Resident Evil 7 to Support HDR on Xbox One S

Resident Evil 7 is just months away from release and is taking the series toward an entirely new direction. Outlast like survival horror is at its core which means no classic Resident Evil story telling or characters.

The game looks great and we hope they do not downgrade the visuals before release. Resident Evil 7 will hit PS4, Xbox One, and PSVR in early 2017. According to Capcom, its visuals will be enhanced with HDR support on Xbox One S.

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Gamers who own a Xbox One S and a TV that supports this feature will get to enjoy a new level of depth in color vibrancy and lighting.

The full game will be compatible with the PlayStation 4 Pro, allowing the immersive gameplay to be experienced in high-resolution, luxuriant 4K with rich visuals only HDR can deliver. Similarly, with HDR support on the Xbox One S, players can enjoy gameplay in Full HD that offers realism that can almost be felt.

Resident Evil 7 is up for pre order and so is its deluxe edition. However, Capcom is upgrading the deluxe bundle with an additional episode.

The upgrade will get you another playable episode for $10. The total price of the full package now stands at $89.99.

Long time fans of the series will be disappointed to know that there aren’t any classic characters in the game. Don’t expect to see Leon S Kennedy or others for that matter.

A new demo for the game is available on PS4 to PlayStation Plus members.

Resident Evil 7 is coming out on January 24 across all platforms.

Via: Videogamer