Playstation 4 Pro Stocks Will Be High At Launch and Holidays

Don’t worry about you not being able to get a Playstation 4 Pro due to them selling out almost as soon as they come out. According to Sony, Playstation 4 Pro stocks will be high at launch and during the holiday period to prevent selling out due to high demand.

The Playstation 4 Pro was only announced at the Playstation Meeting last week, where both the Pro and the Playstation 4 Slim (which will become the standard model upon its release) were officially announced. The Playstation 4 Pro, however, will likely have the highest demand due to everything that it involves.

These include upgraded processing power, 4K resolution on both gaming and video streaming, and more. While it will cost 399 (or other prices depending on what region you live in), it will undoubtedly be one of the hottest gaming items on the market during the holiday season, especially on Black Friday.

However, that might have put the worry into peoples’ minds about Playstation 4 Pro stocks not being able to support the demand. Playstation VR headsets, for example, have sold out within minutes on Amazon and other online retailers; if something like the Playstation 4 Pro has the same thing happen, there may be a lot of disappointed Playstation fans.

The holiday season is one of the best times for the sale of video games, as Christmas and Black Friday give shoppers good holiday deals on consoles and games to buy for their children, their friends, their relatives, or themselves. Thousands of units are likely to be sold of everything, and depending on the needs and wants of the Playstation 4 community either the Playstation 4 Slim or the Playstation 4 Pro may outsell each other.

However, Sony’s Jim Ryan is confident that Playstation 4 Pro stocks will be able to stand up to the holiday demand, so unless Sony actually says something about demand far exceeding what they could supply, you’ll likely be able to get a Playstation 4 Pro of your own for the holidays.