Destiny Reputation Boosters And Emotes Will Be Available in Rise of Iron

If you’re one of the many Guardians that are frustrated about how slowly you gain reputation, Bungie will have you covered when Rise of Iron comes out. New Destiny reputation boosters will allow you to get a boost in rep gain in various places like the Vanguard, the Crucible, and Prison of Elders.

Normally, getting reputation for the various factions in Destiny is a very slow process, requiring multiple runs through in order to get anywhere close to a new level, or grinding via Patrol missions. Now, Bungie has helped players that want the sweet gear that ranks in the Crucible, Vanguard, and House of Judgment give you by putting in the Destiny reputation boosters.

Both these boosters and a number of new Guardian emotes will be available to buy at the Eververse Trading Company, the stall in the Tower’s central courtyard where you can buy a number of nifty little cosmetic rewards for Silver, which you can buy with real cash.

Reputation boosters in Destiny used to come from Sterling Treasures, which came in the April Update earlier this year.

However, these will be replaced by Radiant Treasure in Rise of Iron, which give you a number of different items including Destiny reputation boosters, ornaments, and silver dust. The latter two can be used to spruce up your armor and weapons.

Destiny will also be getting a number of new emotes with the Rise of Iron expansion. These will include Winded, Shadow Boxing, Toe Tap, and Jump Shot. Three new Dance Emotes will also be available, adding to other dances that included the Carlton Dance that came out with The Taken King, or the “Thriller” dance that came out in October in celebration of Halloween.

Rise of Iron comes out on September 20 for Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles, so if you can’t wait to get back into the groove as a Guardian, you only have to wait until next Tuesday.