Conor McGregor Revealed He Will Be In Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare

We already know that Kit Harington is already portraying the villain in Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. Well he is not the only notable figure to join the cast of the game, as UFC star Conor McGregor is also starring in Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare. Conor McGregor also posted on Twitter the the first image from his appearance in Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare. However, no details were revealed about his role in Activision’s flagship FPS franchise.

Call Of Duty games are known for hiring famous actors, like Kevin Spacey who played the role of a ruthless antagonist in 2014’s Call Of Duty Advance Warfare.

Multiplayer in Call Of Duty games has always been fast paced, however, for Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare developer infinity Ward is slowing things a tad bit down. According to Senior Producer Jack O’Hara, this was done intentionally.

It’s a very conscious decision to just dial it down a little bit. One of the biggest problems we identify is people getting outside of the field of view.” Too much mobility, especially in competitive faceoffs, can give players a too much verticality for comfort.

Also Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare is going to be the first game by Infinity Ward to have a Zombie mode. While usually Treyarch is the one to do the zombie mode in their Call Of Duty games and they are dark and serious, but Infinity Ward’s take on the Zombies mode will be different.

The Infinite Warfare zombies mode is a wackier and comedic take instead of the usual one. Zombies in Spaceland is an 80s themed 4 player co-op mode which sends players to an amusement park filled with zombies.

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare is scheduled to launch on November 4, 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Also an open beta for PlayStation 4 users will also take place before the game’s release.