Battlefield 1 Beta Infographic Shows Off Player Numbers and They are Huge

With the end of the Battlefield 1 multiplayer beta, EA DICE has put out a Battlefield 1 beta infographic to show all of its players exactly how much they contributed to what they said was Electronic Arts’s biggest beta ever. The infographic can be found on the official Battlefield website, but here’s what all it says:

According to the Battlefield 1 beta infographic, the game was played by over 13.2 million players. All told, that’s double the number of actual troops from the real British and Ottoman Empires that were fighting in the Middle East during World War 1.

When it comes to the beta’s four classes, the Assault class was the most popular, with 30% of all players playing it. After that were Scout (28%), Support (21%) and Medic (10%). The remaining 11% of players picked other classes like tank drivers, cavalry, or pilots.

Melee weapons also got a lot of use according to the Battlefield 1 beta infographic; according to it, 28.9 million melee kills were done with the various weaponry options players could use. Among other things, the elite Tank Hunter class, an upgrade to the Scout class that’s armed with the 1918 Tankgewehr, the very first anti-tank rifle of its kind that’s capable of damaging armored vehicles, as long as you’re prone.

When it comes to the Behemoth side of the game, the Armored Train on the Sinai map that the beta took place on gave a very good account of itself, scoring 13 million kills. Other vehicles were able to run over 23.8 million people, while 62.2 kills were scored while players were fighting on horseback.

All in all, the Battlefield 1 beta infographic shows that EA definitely has a goldmine on its hands. With this many people already playing the game’s beta, who knows how many will actually play the game when it releases on October 21?

It will likely even beat out the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare beta, which is scheduled to begin on the same day on the Xbox One.