Ark Survival Evolved Update 741 Brings Performance Improvements, New Dinosaurs And More To Xbox One

Studio Wildcard has released the Ark Survival Evolved update 741 for the Xbox One, which brings two new flying dinosaurs, Night Vision Goggles, various fixes, and some performance improvements.

However, Ark Survival Evolved update 741 is going to be two updates for those who have purchased Scorched Earth expansion. The main update for the Xbox One is 5.7 GB while the update for the expansion is 3.4 GB. Now the update 741 introduces three major performance improvements for Xbox One.

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The first improvement is the 30- 40 percent performance improvement to game’s rendering structures, as previously player built structures dragged down performance of the game.

The second improvement is a bit more interesting and technical, as Studio Wildcard has made an Xbox One specific change. The developers will be using the console’s EDRAM to render objects in the game. EDRAM is an small 32 MB cache, which is used to provide higher bandwidth output for objects that are used frequently.

The third improvement is bound to only Scorched Earth expansion, while the developers has stated that rendering performance for the DLC will be improved but did not specified that how much will it be improved.

The Update 741 also upgrades the in-game resolution for Ark Survival Evolved to 720p and for the UI to 1080p. Also the update introduces two new creatures “Archaeopteryx” and “Tapejara”.

  • 30 percent to 40 percent rendering performance improvement of Structures
  • 15 percent overall rendering performance improvement by moving all Render Targets to fast EDRAM
  • Significantly improved rendering performance of Scorched Earth environment
  • Fixed some crashes with the Game List UI
  • Fixed dynamically installation of Scorched Earth DLC (so that you don’t have to restart the game application after installing it)
  • Fixed Giganotosaurus damagetype issue
  • New Item: Night Vision Goggles
  • New Dino: Tapejara!
  • New Dino: Archaeopteryx!

Ark Survival Evolved is an action adventure survival game developed by Studio Wildcard for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.