Michael Pachter Thinks PS4 Pro Price Will Create Difficulties for Project Scorpio

Ever since the announcement of PS4 Pro, Microsoft has been taking jabs at its creator Sony. PS4 Pro lacks in terms of specs and features compared to Project Scorpio. For the first time in history Microsoft is in such a position which is surely exciting for the company.

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However, being behind in terms of specs does not mean PS4 Pro will be a road kill for Microsoft. Sony has priced it exceptionally well and it is a very enticing option for an average user looking for a 4K experience. According to industry analyst Michael Pachter, Microsoft’s Project Scorpio will face some difficulties due to PS4 Pro’s $399 price.

I think that the $399 price point is a pretty big move by Sony, particularly with a launch this fall. It’s hard to justify buying a $299 Xbox One S when you get twice the HDD and future proof for 4K by buying the PS4 Pro.

I really think this puts Microsoft in a hole with Scorpio, as they will arrive a year late, and will have to charge competitively even to remain in the picture. Ideally, Microsoft can launch Scorpio for $299, but I don’t expect that to happen. If PS4 Pro is $349 by next holiday, Microsoft is really in a tough spot.

Interesting comments from Patcher and you have to agree that $399 is a very enticing price point even though PS4 Pro isn’t native 4K. The console will release on November 10 and it not only outputs 4K, it can run games better at 1080p as well.

An interesting statement came from Andrew House recently as he placed PS4 Pro as a PC competitor. House stated that their goal is to stop people from moving to PC mid-generation for a better visual experience.

Do you think PS4 price puts Microsoft in any sort of difficulty?