Ken Levine Explains Why He Stopped Making Bioshock Games, Says It Had An Adverse Effect On His life

Ken Levine is one of the most recognizable and respected personality in gaming industry. With games such as System Shock, System Shock 2, Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite, Ken was kind of on top of the industry and many speculated that he shall remain there. That is until he left Irrational, now Ken Levine himself has explained that why did he stopped making Bioshock games.

Speaking with Rolling Stone’s Glixel, Ken Levine explained why he stopped making Bioshock games. According to him he did not wanted to but also added that he had a “never say never” attitude about it. He informed his bosses at Take Two that he would leave after Bioshock Infinite, to work on a “much smaller” and “very experimental” game.

He also said that “They asked me to stay. I figured they would keep Irrational for the next BioShock. That’s not what happened”.

As for why he stopped it all, well according to Ken developing Bioshock games started to have adverse effect on his health and life.

I saw a picture of me when we first announced it. That was 2010. And then I saw a picture of me after I did an interview on NPR when we shipped it in 2013. And I look 10 years older. It changed my life in terms of what it did to my health, and what it did to my view of making games, and my relationships with people.

He further added that managing 30-40 people is very different and easy compared to managing 150 people and you don’t know their name.

Managing 30 or 40 people where you know everybody’s name is a very different process than managing 150 people. You walk by people in the studio and you don’t know who they are.

He said that naturally everyone expected that he would go for a bigger and better Bioshock game, but he hought that he would just fail to deliver it.

I think the natural expectation was that I would go and do the next bigger and better BioShock game. And I felt, ‘I think I’ll fail if I do that. I think I’ll lose my mind, and my marriage.’ And so my solution was to quit.

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