Dragon Age Player Feedback Influenced Mass Effect: Andromeda

You can rest easy now and not have to worry about Mass Effect: Andromeda having fetch quests, according to Bioware. Dragon Age player feedback caused the studio to rethink its approach to open-world quests, so when Andromeda comes out next year we won’t be collecting bunches of healing herbs over and over again.

While Dragon Age Inquisition got a lot of stellar reviews when it came out several years ago, one criticized aspect of it was the uselessness of camps beyond giving your party a place to rest and recover your health and healing potions. Camps also served as a “quest” hub, which normally meant “go out and gather up this garbage for us and we’ll give you points”.

Dragon Age player feedback told Bioware of how dumb everyone thought this approach was, so the studio is working to make it so that we won’t be wandering around a planet’s landscape gathering random things.

Collection sidequests, however, like ones that we got in Mass Effect 1 with things like mineral collection and more, however, may yet remain in the game, much like the shard collecting that we did in Dragon Age Inquisition that got us into a temple in the middle of nowhere in order to build up elemental resistances. Though it is also possible that Dragon Age player feedback also made Bioware get rid of that as well.

Mass Effect; Andromeda finally got us some gameplay released when it made a bit of a showing at the Playstation Meeting last week, where we were shown how it would look on the Playstation 4 Pro. While it gave us a bit of an idea of what to expect from the game, we didn’t really get any combat or questing out of it.

While Bioware’s said that we’ll be seeing more from the game on November 7, N7 Day, we still have a long way to go before that day arrives.