Bungie Is Considering To Bring Old Destiny Raids Back After Destiny Rise Of Iron

Destiny is one of the biggest game launches of this generation of consoles, and while the game was not exactly a whole when released, but Bungie has filled the game with new content with expansions and new raids.

Destiny Rise Of Iron is less then a week away from launch, Bungie is sharing its plans after the final expansion releases, and one of those plans involves bringing old Destiny raids back.

Speaking with Polygon, game director Christopher Barrett opened up about some of the studio’s plans for the next year and also teased the possibility of bringing old Destiny raids back that players really enjoyed.

According to Barrett, Bungie is considering to bring them back, but did not confirmed that the old Destiny raids would definitely come back.

It’s always consistently been in the top 10 list. Since the second raid came out: ‘Hey, we want to go back and play older raids.’ The simple answer is it’s a matter of priority. If we spend time bringing that stuff, that means less new stuff we can build. For this fall, in Rise of Iron, we wanted new stuff. New new new. Let’s give new places to go, new raid, stuff like that. But we certainly hear that fans would love to have a reason to go back to some of the old raids. So we’re absolutely considering it.

Recently, Sony revealed its PlayStation 4 Pro and a lot of developers are coming forward to support the console and utilize its power not only for the upcoming game, but also for the games that have been already released. However, Destiny would not be receiving such treatment, as Bungie has confirmed that studio has no plans for Destiny on PS4 Pro.

Destiny Rise Of Iron is scheduled to release on September 20, 2016 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Xbox 360 and PS3 players of Destiny who wish to enjoy the expansion would have to upgrade to current gen consoles.