Death Stranding Co-Op, Open World Component, Revealed at TGS

Kojima Productions has revealed at TGS this year that Death Stranding co-op and open world components will be a part of the game when it eventually releases. What this could mean for the game we have no idea, mainly because of a lack of any real gameplay so far.

Death Stranding’s original E3 trailer back in June didn’t really give very much to the imagination (especially not anything related to Death Stranding co-op), though it certainly left an impression on everyone watching, not just because it was a Kojima product but also because of the insane imagery that covered the entire trailer. With oil, dead sea life, a baby that came out of Norman Reedus, and more, Death Stranding has puzzled people trying to form interpretations, much to Kojima’s glee.

Add that to the appearances of Hannibal’s Mads Mikkelsen and The Strain’s Kevin Durand in various development pictures of the game, and you’ve got quite the puzzler on your hands.

Whatever Death Stranding co-op and open-world stuff could mean, it might bring back inklings of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, which had a similar open-world style as players could travel around large maps completing objectives and finding collectibles. The possibility of an open world with co-op could bring back something like Phantom Pain’s multiplayer through Metal Gear Online, but what all players will be doing remains to be seen.

It’s especially confusing since Kojima said that what we saw in the Death Stranding trailer is actually indicative of the game, but he did give a more detailed explanation at the actual TGS conference, going into detail on how the mode would work.

Death Stranding still doesn’t have any kind of concrete release date yet, but Kojima’s given us a bit of an inkling of what it will be about when he said the game was basically about something from one world stranded in another. What that might mean remains to be seen.