The Coalition Explains Horde 3.0 After PAX West Showing

Gears of War 4 made a showing at PAX West back at the beginning of the month, and the star of its show there was the brand new Horde 3.0 mode, the third iteration in the Gears of War 2 mode that set off a chain of imitators in many other shooters.

Having been improved over multiple years, The Coalition explains how this new iteration of the Horde mode will work in a new dev post on their official website, but the general makeup of it is this: At its most basic level, Horde 3.0 will be allowing four players to fight off fifty waves of enemies together as in previous Horde modes, with the rounds increasing in difficulty as they go on.

Unlike in previous Gears games, this version of Horde will actually have character classes that excel at certain jobs that players will have to do during Horde if they want to survive against the onslaught. These classes (Scout, Soldier, Sniper, Engineer, Heavy) all also excel at different weapons, though they can pick up any gun they want.

These classes will also earn new skills as they level up through play, not just through killing enemies but also through general progression, whether you win or lose the game. You can also get skill cards that you can either use to get better weapons, or burn to get Scrap in order to create particular cards.

When it comes to the actual gameplay of Horde 3.0, players will be facing 50 waves, with a boss wave coming every ten waves. In addition to that, every ten rounds the enemies will get buffed to have more, health, better accuracy, and more. Payers will have to fight back by using a portable machine called a Fabricator to build defenses or revive teammates, though these cost energy (which you pick up from dead enemies on the battlefield) to do.

Gears of War 4 comes out on October 11 of this year for the Xbox One and PC.