Blizzard Senior Vice President of Story Chris Metzen Retires

Blizzard has lost a big part of its company yesterday when the senior vice president of its storytelling division, Chris Metzen, announced his retirement from video game development. The 42-year-old man has been responsible for co-writing the stories of Starcraft, Diablo, and Warcraft.

Chris Metzen said that the reason for his retirement was so that he could rest. As important as he was, and with how well his stories have done, he likely won’t be wanting for anything at any point in the future, though hopefully he can find something else he enjoys to become his passion.

Monday also had another Blizzard veteran, former Chief Creative Officer Rob Pardo, announce that he had formed a development studio of his own, Bonfire Studios, with other ex-Blizzard employees. While they haven’t apparently announced a game that they would be making yet, Bonfire has gotten a 25 million dollar investment from Riot Games.

Metzen may have picked one of the best times to bow out of Blizzard: Starcraft 2’s final section, Legacy of the Void, has been out for several months now, and World of Warcraft’s new Legion expansion came out around two weeks ago. While Diablo 3 still has yet to get any other meaningful expansion update, we can only assume Blizzard is busily working on the next section of that game.

Unlike many other well-known gaming executives who leave their studios, Chris Metzen’s retirement means just that: retiring. He won’t be working on any new games, won’t be putting together a new studio to run, and won’t be doing any sort of consulting work. He’s done with video game development for good, and will instead be focusing on his family and relaxing after 22 years.

Hopefully Blizzard has a variety of talented writers that can help fill Metzen’s shoes, and we wish Metzen a happy and very much earned retirement.