New Screenshots Show Off Two New Nioh Characters

Some new Nioh characters have been revealed via a number of new screenshots released by Team Ninja and Koei-Tecmo for its Dark Souls-like action RPG Nioh. Nioh just completed its second demo several days ago, showing players a new section of the game and giving them opportunities to fight more bosses and enemies.

Along with that demo came a number of new screenshots that, among other things, showed off two of the new Nioh characters that would be in the game. The first of these new characters is Tokugawa Ieyasu. A samurai daimyo, Ieyasu grew up around war, with the Ieyasu clan of his birth caught between the wars of the Oda and Imagawa clans.

Eventually when Ieyasu grew up, he began to gather power among other powerful Japanese clans until eventually he won control of Japan as its shogun after the Battle of Sekigahara, which takes place in the game’s setting of 1600.

The other one of the new Nioh characters is a ninja, a woman by the name of Okatsu. Working under Hattori Hanzo, the daimyo of the Hattori clan, Okatsu will undoubtedly be a skilled warrior in her own right, and may yet be important in the game’s story.

Players going through the Nioh demos and managing to beat them (an impressive feat considering how difficult they are) will be getting two free DLCs when the game finally releases on Playstation 4 sometime this year, though so far Team Ninja and Koei have yet to say exactly when.

Either way, with how difficult the game appears to be, it’s likely that Dark Souls players will be right at home with the game, though of course whether it’s the bad kind of hard or the good kind of hard depends on how much player feedback Team Ninja puts into the game to make it fun yet difficult.