First Destiny: Rise of Iron Mission Shown Off In New Video

With the release of Destiny’s next expansion Rise of Iron getting closer and closer, we’re now starting to get sneak peeks of its gameplay through various content creators and online news outlets. In this case, many of them have been allowed to show the expansion’s first new mission, called “King of the Mountain.”

In this new mission, you and your Ghost are tasked by Lord Saladin to climb Felwinter Peak in order to take it for the City, and keep the Fallen that are also scaling the mountain from also getting to it. What follows is an intense running battle with an army of Fallen as you try to make it to the Iron Lords’ Temple before them.

The mission, though apparently quite short, actually culminates with you battling a resurrected Sepiks Prime at the top of the mountain outside the temple. Guess now he’s one of your big worries again, after you passed by his still-sparking wreck in one of the first few missions of The Taken King.

Rise of Iron will also be giving you Lord Saladin as your mission control, the MC of the Iron Banner finally coming to the Tower for something other than to watch you and your fellow Guardians fight one another. All the same, hearing the normally unflappable Titan finally showing emotion as he urges you to kill Sepiks and wipe out the Fallen is definitely something players might not be used to.

With new weapons and armor, a new raid, new strikes, and a new collection of story missions, Rise of Iron is sure to try and scratch that itch that Destiny players have been wanting to scratch ever since they did everything that they could in The Taken King. With all of the new stuff in Rise of Iron, hopefully it will keep people playing Destiny for a good few more months until the next expansion is announced.