FIFA 17 Authenticity Improvements Add Stadiums, Graphics, and Commentary

A number of different FIFA 17 authenticity improvements will be in the game when it releases, according to an article on the official EA Sports website. The improvements will be adding three new stadiums to the game, along with graphics overlays and a number of different commentary tracks for the game.

FIFA 17 will be launching on September 27, and will be including many different players form a wide variety of different football clubs.

Some of those clubs are even fully in the game via partnerships, which EA Sports and Konami have been fiercely competing for in the rivalry between FIFA and the Pro Evolution Soccer series.

First among the FIFA 17 authenticity improvements will be three new stadiums. Players will be able to play in the London Olympic Stadium, where West Ham United now plays. The stadium was built for the 2012 Summer Olympics in England, and has remained the play space of West Ham. Also included are Middlesborough Football Club’s Riverside Stadium, and Japanese football club Gamba Osaka’s Suita City stadium.

A new graphics overlay will also be included, now that the Football Association Challenge Cup (England’s oldest-ever football cup, established in 1871) is becoming a part of the FIFA games.

The overlay will also be joined by a variety of things to help with game atmosphere, including tunnel archways, sponsor boards, flags for the pitch, confetti cannons, and pyrotechnics. Other graphics overlays will include mid-game player analysis, which the commentators will remark on as the game progresses.

The FIFA 17 story mode, entitled “The Journey”, won’t be left out of the FIFA 17 authenticity improvements either.

Considering how the story will be going, players will be able to hear the commentators in the game talk about central character Alex Hunter, including comments on various storylines that players can make Hunter follow such as milestones, player rivalries, and more.

FIFA 17 comes out on September 12 for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.