Battlefield 1 HDR Might Be Hitting Xbox One S Through Online Update

Battlefield 1 HDR will be a thing when the game releases this October, and will be coming to the Xbox One S through an online update that will apparently enable the functionality. The reveal came from James Shields, a member of the Xbox accessories marketing team, though Microsoft hasn’t given any confirmation.

The Battlefield 1 beta ended on September 8, last Thursday, after around two weeks of play on the Sinai Desert map.

If Battlefield 1 HDR (high dynamic ranging) is indeed a thing, then it will only be coming to the Xbox One S. Unlike the original Playstation 4, which will be getting the option for HDR when its 4.0 update comes out tomorrow, the original Xbox One doesn’t support HDR, which might boost sales of the S in order for players to see the game in all of its glory.

The Xbox One S is the perfect way to start Battlefield 1 HDR off on, especially since it’s more powerful than the original Xbox One. While it stops a ways away from the Ultra HD gameplay that the Xbox One Scorpio will be able to give with its 6 teraflop processor, the Xbox One S is more powerful than the Xbox One, with faster processing and 4K video output.

Considering that Battlefield games are normally some of the best-looking games on the market when they come out, giving the games high-dynamic range capabilities will only make them look even better, especially combined with everything that the Xbox One S has going for it.

Everything that the S has going for it is even more impressive when you see that it’s only around half the size of the original Xbox One, despite being more powerful.

All the same, Microsoft has yet to say anything about the possibility of Battlefield 1 HDR, so in the meantime we’ll have to wait and see if any trusted sources say anything about the game having high-dynamic ranging on the Xbox One S.