Spencer Clarifies Microsoft Being Aggressive Towards PlayStation 4 Pro, Says He Dislike Negative Dialogue

Phil Spencer has been very open about his plans for the future of Xbox, and recently he has been quite active in terms of talking to fans and discussing gaming trends. While Microsoft has been quite aggressive towards PlayStation 4 Pro ever since it got announced, it seems that Spencer is not too happy about it.

Since Sony revealed its upcoming 4K and HDR capable console, PlayStation 4 Pro, which will be arriving this year in living rooms of many gamers, Microsoft has been very aggressive against the console and also trying to state that Xbox One Scorpio is more powerful than PS4 Pro, Xbox Live has been declared the most solid online gaming network and Fallout 4 mod support for consoles is only available on Xbox One.

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Phil Spencer said that he has been very public about his dislike towards a negative dialogue. He also stated that he wants the company to stay focused on what is building for its core users. What this means is that Major Nelson, and other Microsoft execs discussing Sony’s PS4 Pro has been sharing their own opinions.

He also reveled that the company is considering Halo 5 for PC as they are receiving and reporting feedback from the fans who like the game on Windows 10. While that might not happen in the near future, but Microsoft has already released the Halo 5 Forge Mode for the PC.

PlayStation 4 Pro is set to launch this year, and many are speculating that Sony has an obvious advantage over Microsoft, as Xbox One Scorpio is not releasing before Holiday 2017. However, according to senior director of product management and planning at Xbox, Albert Penello he is very confident about the decision they have made.

I feel good about what we’ve done with the Xbox One S. Both we and Sony are investing in 4K as the future of the console space, and we have a history of adding features to our hardware.

PlayStation 4 Pro is scheduled to launch on November 10, 2016 and will be available for $399, while PlayStation 4 Slim will be available on September 15 for $299.