Sony Will Release More PlayStation Systems in the Future

Sony announced PlayStation 4 Pro recently that brings 4K support with HDR for current and upcoming games. The console is a powerhouse, putting out 4.2TFLOPS of raw performance. It is a mid-gen console upgrade for PlayStation 4 and for the first time the industry has seen such a move.

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One wonders how Sony will handle console releases in the future. According to Sony, the company will keep releasing more PlayStation systems in the future, so PS5 is on the cards. However, we may also see mid-gen updates like PS4 Pro.

SIEA’s Shawn Layden said the following when asked about the future of PlayStation.

Right now we were concentrating on how do we iterate within this PS4 life cycle. The technology and improvements behind PS4 [Pro] are our way of articulating where we think the market wants to go.

People will want to have greater fidelity of images and graphics. Where we go from there, we’re going to have to wait and see. It’s our first time innovating within the life cycle, so I’m not exactly sure what impact that will have on our plan going forward. But there will be more PlayStations

Those waiting for PS4 Pro to go up for pre order will be excited to know that the moment has finally come. According to Amazon’s website, the new PS4 model is now up for pre order for $399.

PlayStation 4 Pro offers 4K gaming with HDR but it does not run games at Native 4K. However, expect future models to be native 4K.

Hopefully, we’ll also have a 4K Blu Ray drive for PlayStation 5.

Source: The Verge