Sony Exec Explains Why PlayStation 4 Pro Ram Is Still 8 GB, Talks Development Guidelines For The Console

Sony has officially revealed the specifications for their upcoming console PlayStation 4 Pro, and while the console has been upgraded almost entirely from its GPU to CPU. Many have concerns over why Sony did not increased PlayStation 4 Pro Ram, which is still 8 GB.

Well Sony has clarified why PlayStation 4 Pro Ram has not been upgraded, and it seems quite logical. Speaking with 4Gamer, Masayasu Ito, who leads Sony Interactive Entertainment Engineering Division, explained that a change in the PlayStation 4 Pro Ram would have caused compatibility issues, as the studios would push to develop games in compliance with larger memory.

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He further explained that the new development guidelines for the PlayStation 4 include two very important points. First being that no developer can develop games specifically for PlayStation 4 Pro and no developer will be allowed to develop only for PlayStation 4.

This being clarified, it is actually quite very simple that Sony only asks developers to provide graphical settings appropriate for the PlayStation 4 hardware and PlayStation 4 Pro. However, the part about PlayStation 4 Pro graphical setting it quite flexible as it will depend upon developers as to how they would like to approach it.

He also clarified that while PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro are going to provide different levels of performance, the community however will remain one. Singleplayer is one thing but for the competitive multiplayer gameplay developers are not allowed to give PlayStation 4 Pro users the advantage of a better hardware.

When asked about whether players will be able to recognize enemies at a distance due to higher resolution , Ito-san responded that there is a possibility, but it will depend upon developers how they want to approach their game design.

As long as the frame rate for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro remains the same in multiplayer , the guidelines do not get to the point of holding the hands of developers and dictating every detail.

So do you think Sony made the right decision? Does PlayStation 4 Pro Ram should have been upgraded? Lett us know in the comments.