Resident Evil 7 Survival Pack DLC Leaked By An Online Retailer

Resident Evil 7 is scheduled on launch in early 2017, however, we have still to see an official trailer for the game but we have been getting some sneak peaks of what will be available once the game is released. Now some details about the game has leaked which hints towards Resident Evil 7 survival pack DLC which will be available with pre-order.

A Swedish retailer Disc Shop has leaked Resident Evil 7 survival pack DLC. The DLC will be available to the players if they have pre-ordered the game and has four different types of survival packs: Recovery Set, Handgun Set, Burner Set and Chem Fluid Set.

All of these give players additional items like the Recovery Set will grant players a mysterious coin some herbs and med kit and the Handgun Set will give players bullets and a mysterious coin.

Resident Evil 7 survival DLC

While all four survival packs offer different useful items, one common thing these survival packs offer is the mysterious coin which Capcom has teased in the past. While the developer has not yet revealed the role of these coins, but it is getting more and more apparent that these coins will play a important role in the game.

Ever since the announcement of Resident Evil 7, we have been wondering about how the game handles survival horror and what new direction it is taking. Capcom has shown cryptic video tapes that are not representative Resident Evil 7 gameplay.

Capcom shared some new behind the scenes development images that gave us a look at our first Resident Evil 7 zombie model. Half of his skull and brain is missing and we couldn’t be happier.

If you are hoping to see classic Resident Evil characters to return in Resident Evil 7 then you might be disappointed as Leon Kennedy’s voice actor recently said that Capcom is scaling back on classic cameos.

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