ReCore Reviews Round-Up – An Excellent Adventure Let Down by Flawed Execution

Reviews for Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive ReCore have appeared online and are average at best.

Developed by Comcept and Mega-Man designer Keiji Inafune, ReCore is an action-adventure title set in future where Earth is abandoned for a new homeworld called the Far Eden.

ReCore Review Round-Up

The game revolves around Joule Adams who wakes up after centuries of cryo-sleep and finds herself in a secluded homeworld with no one, but a robotic companion called Mack. As Adams begins to explore her surroundings to find answers, she finds herself amidst rogue robots, blinding sandstorms, and other difficulties.

ReCore feature both combat and platforming and requires players to complete puzzles in order to progress to the next area. Despite being AAA title, ReCore boasts a $40 USD pricetag at launch.

Those of you who are still torn whether to buy the game or not, we have all the ReCore reviews here:

GameSpot – 6

I wanted to like it more, and had it not overstayed its welcome, I would have. But in the end, like its robots, ReCore is a game with a bright soul encased in parts that are used well past their prime.

HardcoreGamer – 6

While not lackluster enough to be considered a bad game, there are enough stumbles and hiccups here to prevent this effort from Armature and Comcept from living up to its potential.

GamesRadar+ – 2 out of 5

Littered with bugs, excruciating load times, and a severely padded ending, ReCore is a great example of good ideas, flawed execution.

TrustedReviews – 7

The platforming exploration is an absolute blast. However, it’s all dragged down by a combat system that ruins the game. The end result often frustrates as much as it excites.

Destructoid – 4

It’s all a shame because ReCore shows so much promise in its opening hours. It’s easy to envision a way in which all those ideas could manifest into something great. They don’t, though. Instead, it’s just a jumble of mechanics that never jell, gameplay that grows stale far too quick, and insulting design. System failure.

XboxAchivements – 7.5

A smart action game with bags of personality and a few unique twists of its own, ReCore is most definitely worth investing in. It’s big, sometimes difficult, fairly engrossing, and fun while it lasts.

God is a Geek – 8

A slick, compelling adventure only let down by a glut of technical issues that really should have been polished out.

TheJimquisition – 7

In spite of everything dragging it down, it’s a fun ride packed with stuff to do, from optional areas to replayable dungeons to passive “hunting” quests that reward players for taking out certain enemies using certain attacks.

Twinfinite – 7

While its platforming and shooting gameplay was fun, if not a tad basic, the story is there to do little more than drive things forward, and the environment it all comes in is dull and not enjoyable to explore.

Polygon – 6.5

ReCore isn’t a disaster, as much as the bizarre structure and hoops it made me jump through left a bad taste in my mouth. At its heart, there’s a game with some good ideas and great spins on action-game conceits that don’t see a lot of play this console generation.

Attack of the Fanboy – 6

ReCore had a ton of potential and sadly squandered a good portion of it. The game still has moments of glory, and pulls inspiration from a lot of great games of the past. It even has a very old school feel to it, with 3D platforming and combat that feels very classic, if unfortunately, not delivering top of the line quality.

ReCore is scheduled to release on Sept. 13, 2016 in Australia and North America and on Sept. 16, 2016 across Europe for Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs.

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