Play the Cancelled Warcraft Adventure Game After 18 Years

A complete pre-release version of Blizzard’s cancelled point-and-click adventure game called Warcraft Adventures: Lords of the Clans is now available for download.

The game which was cancelled back in 1998 has now appeared online with complete in-game cinematics and interest text docs.

Cancelled Warcraft Adventure Game Appears Online

You can head over to this link to download the entire game. Since there is no saying as to when the download link will get pulled, you may want to hurry up a little.

Warcraft Adventures: Lords of the Clans, as the name suggests, revolves around Thrall who escapes a prison cell and sets off on his adventures. Despite the fact that the game was cancelled back in 1998, Blizzard offered a statement in 2008 saying:

The decision centered around the level of value that we want to give our customers. In essence, it was a case of stepping up and really proving to ourselves and gamers that we will not sell out on the quality of our games.

In relevant Warcraft news, Blizzard has announced that World of Warcraft: Legion managed to sell 3.3 million copies on launch. In addition to this, Blizzard saw the highest number of concurrent players following the launch of Legion in a long time. To read up more, head over to the post!

Did you get a chance to try out Warcraft Adventures: Lords of the Clans? Don’t forget to share your impressions with us in the comments section below!

Source: Scrolls of Lore; Via: Kotaku