Rockruff’s Day/Night Evolutions Revealed In Pokemon Sun And Moon Leaked Images

Pokemon Sun And Moon is almost two months away from its launch and more details about the game are making their way on the internet. Now new Pokemon Sun And Moon images have made their way on the internet which showcase two evolutions of Rockruff, new Ultra Beasts, and more.

The images showcasing new Pokemon Evolution come from the latest issue of CoroCoro. According to the images, Rockruff evolves into a “Lugarugan” and it has two different forms. One form is the day evolution, when this Pokemon is bathed in rays of the sun and is described as “hot as day”. Its second form is Night form, when it evolves after being full of the night’s power, and is described as “cool as night”.

Other images showcase the Ultra Beasts, and including some new ones like UB02, UB02 Beauty, and UB02 Expansion.

Recently, Nintendo released a new Pokemon Sun And Moon trailer that showcases new Pokemon, photo mode and details the time difference between Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

The trailer introduces three new Pokemon, among them are Alola Raticate, Type: Null and Jangmo-o. Alola Raticate is a a Dark/Normal type with Gluttony and Hustle abilities, Type : Null is a normal type Pokemon with Battle armor ability and Jangmo-o is pure dragon type Pokemon with soundproof and bulletproof abilities.

The trailer also details that difference among both versions of the game. As Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon tales pace 12 hours apart, this also introduces changes to the Totem Pokemon. In Pokemon Sun the Totem Pokemon will be Gumshoos and for Pokemon Moon the Totem Pokemon will be Alola Raticate.

Also Nintendo has revealed Pokemon Sun and Moon 2DS bundles. These bundles will be available on November 23 in Europe, and the game will come pre-installed with the bundles, whether it will be Pokemon Sun or Moon will depend on the bundle.

Pokemon Sun And Moon is scheduled to release on November 18,2016 for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS.

Source: Siliconera