Ark Survival Evolved Update 247 And 741 To Bring Major Performance Boost, Also Procedural Generated Maps Announced

Ark Survival Evolved is currently in early access on Steam, and usually the games in early access are not well optimized. Part of the reason that these are unoptimized because these games are in development, and Studio Wildcard is focused on delivering more content then improving game performance. Well this is about to change with Ark Survival Evolved update 247 for PC and update 741 for Xbox One.

Ark Survival Evolved update 247 for PC has already launched and it brings performance improvements among other things. While the Xbox One update 741 for Ark Survival Evolved is set to release tomorrow September 13.

While the changes for PC version of game that will arrive with Ark Survival Evolved update 247, are mostly different then Xbox One’s. However, the common change theses updates bring is increase the game performance on both PC and Xbox One by “30 percent to 40 percent”.

Ark Survival Evolved update 247 for brings PC Night Vision Goggles, memory reduction, fixed Korean langauge setting and more.

  • TheCenter mega-update!
  •  New Item: Night Vision Goggles!
  •  New Dino: Tapejara!
  •  New Dino: Archaeopteryx!
  •  New Structure: Dynamic-Length Bridges
  •  Added Server Option to disable Dino Mate Boost
  •  Wind Turbines and Jerboa now function properly on TheCenter and TheIsland
  • Greenhouse auto-demolish timers are now 25% more than Stone
  •  You can now name turrets and the turret name will show up in the Tribe Kill Log/HUD message.
  •  30% to 40% rendering performance improvement of Structures
  •  ~300 MB memory reduction by dynamically streaming the destruction meshes
  • NVIDIA Ansel now supports TrueSky at Super Resolutions, and improved Super Resolution SSAO
  • Fixed the colorizable regions of the Wood Chair and Bench (4 of them)
  •  In-Menu Options to disable Bloom and Light Shafts, respectively
  •  Fixed Korean Langauge setting to use the Steam language value

The update 741 for Xbox One brings rendering performance improvement for the main game and the Scorched Earth expansion, fixes some crashes and more.

  • 30 percent to 40 percent rendering performance improvement of Structures
  • Significantly improved rendering performance of Scorched Earth environment
  • Fixed some crashes with the Game List UI
  • Fixed dynamically installation of Scorched Earth DLC (so that you don’t have to restart the game application after installing it)
  • Fixed Giganotosaurus damagetype issue
  • New Item: Night Vision Goggles
  • New Dino: Tapejara!
  • New Dino: Archaeopteryx!
  • New Structure: Dynamic-Length Bridges

Not only this Studio Wildcard has also announced that procedurally-generated ARK: Survival Evolved maps. This feature will take the game towards dynamic world creation which is kind of similar to Minecraft. Lead Developer Jeremy Stieglitz shared some images of the proceduraly generated map and also poked fun at No Man’s Sky.

The introduction of these proceduraly generated maps will not mean that hand crafted maps will cease to exist. Studio Wildcard will introduce more maps through their upcoming expansion Scorched Earth.

Ark Survival Evolved is an action adventure survival game developed by Studio Wildcard for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Survivetheark