Overwatch Server Errors Kick Free Weekend Off Bad

It’s been in the news for several weeks now that there will be a free play weekend on Overwatch to help you decide if you want to buy the game and get into the gaming market’s hot new team-based shooter. Unfortunately, Overwatch server errors have the weekend off to a bad start.

It doesn’t appear to be anything on Blizzard’s end that’s the problem, unless you call server overload a problem that’s their fault. Considering how popular Overwatch is, with even more players coming in than normal it would appear that they’ve overwhelmed the game’s servers and prevented them from being able to get into games.

The other Overwatch server errors players have been running across are matches not starting properly or players being kicked from matches mid-game, which could make it even worse considering Blizzard’s anti-rage quit protocols that might cause them to take an undeserved experience penalty.

Considering that the free Overwatch weekend we were promised around this time has started for most, this may end up being a public relations disaster for Blizzard if they can’t get their servers up and running again and take care of the Overwatch server errors.

However, at the same time there’s also the possibility that this isn’t a server issue, but instead yet another DDOS attack on Blizzard’s ability to conduct online play. Considering the great many Blizzard “fans” that were extremely salty at being kicked out for using hacks or aimbots, the possibility of some gypped player using a DDOS attack in order to get petty revenge isn’t that far-fetched.

Hopefully Blizzard will be able to fix the errors and the free weekend can roll out free of any problems for the rest of the weekend (and maybe Blizzard will even extend it as apologies), but for now Overwatch fans will have to watch and wait to see if the game gets fixed.