New Dead Rising 4 Cinematic Trailer Shows Off Game’s Backstory

A brand new Dead Rising 4 cinematic trailer has been released by the folks at Capcom, showing us the backstory behind why we’re going back to where it all began, with Willamette, Colorado and its infamous mall. The site of the first zombie outbreak in Dead Rising 1, Frank West will be going back to the mall and its zombies.

While it’s likely to be some form of terrorist attack like the other times that outbreaks have happened in the Dead Rising series, the Dead Rising 4 cinematic trailer at least shows us the circumstances surrounding the reason why: Willamette has just opened the world’s largest mall, and the entire town is filled with Black Friday Frenzy. People have already crowded the mall, so they were easy prey for zombification to start.

As if the trailer weren’t eerie enough in its hand-drawn style, the soundtrack makes it even more ominous, with a rather creepy-sounding cover of ‘O Christmas Tree’ playing over the trailer’s scenes.

The Dead Rising 4 cinematic trailer doesn’t show any gameplay either, but considering what Dead Rising is all about that likely won’t be an issue. We’ll likely be coming up with more and more insane ways to kill zombies, ranging from the combi-weapons introduced in Dead Rising 2, to utterly stupid ways such as the various costumes, baseball bats, frying pans, and anything else you can think of that you’d find in a mall.

Dead Rising 4 will be the first inkling of a new Dead Rising game in several years, ever since Dead Rising 3 came out as a launch title for the Xbox One, While that one seemed to end the series’s main plot, with a cure for the virus finally being found and apparently putting an end to the Zombrex racket, the series seems to be going with a Resident Evil sort of feeling; the threat may be over, but outbreaks will still happen.

Dead Rising 4 comes out on Xbox One and PC on December 6. If you want to watch the trailer yourself, follow the link.