Xbox One Beats PS4 Once Again in Sales for August in US

Xbox Games Marketing Head, Aaron Greenberg, recently sent out a tweet confirming Xbox One as top selling console in US right now. This marks the second month in a row with Xbox One as top selling console in the region.

Since its launch in 2013, Xbox One sales, while great, were considerably low compared to PlayStation 4 sales, partly due to the weaker hardware. Thankfully since the announcement of slimmer version of the console, the sales numbers have seen a real boost and it clearly shows after the new slimmer version launched.

The 500GB Halo Collection bundle of Xbox One S is currently on the first page of Top Selling Video Games Consoles list on Amazon US.

A big reason for this sudden boost in sales is also because of 4K UHD Blu-Ray support on Xbox One S, which the original console lacked. With this support added, the Xbox One S is among the cheapest and best Blu-ray players in the market right now along with the added option of HDR and gaming.

Demand for the new Microsoft console is so high that many retailers end up being out of stock within mere hours of adding new stock.

A 2TB Gears of War 4 Limited Edition Bundle of the slim version is scheduled to launch on 6th October so it is highly possible that the Xbox One will maintain its streak, at least in the US.

This boost in sales also seems to have instilled some more confidence in Microsoft regarding the Xbox brand and its capabilities because even after the announcement of PS4 Pro, a $400 4K console that is releasing a year before Project Scorpio, Xbox’s own 4K console, they don’t seem to be worried.

The first HDR supported game on the console, NBA 2K17, is scheduled for a 20th September release so players with HDR capable TVs might end up preferring Xbox One over PS4 this month.