Xbox Live Rated Fastest, Most Reliable Service by IHS Markit

In addition to the console wars of graphical quality that have been going on since differing game consoles first came out, since the start of online services like Xbox Live and the Playstation Network, debate has been raging over which service is better. However, information company IHS Markit has apparently settled the debate.

IHS Markit has rated that the Xbox Live service is the fastest, most reliable game console online service, overcoming the Playstation Network in the IHS Markit article that did the rating. And, given the history between the two, you can’t really blame them for their decision, especially given the massive amount of Playstation Network downtime that often results.

Xbox Live, though it has gone down multiple times in the past, has not had the same sort of amount of trouble that the Playstation Network has. It has managed to remain up consistently, with its only down-time periods lasting a few hours. Playstation Network goes down more often, and also has a wide variety of security issues.

These security issues even culminated in a massive security breach that allowed hackers access to the personal information of all of its members. This breach even resulted in a Senate inquiry for Playstation, which is something that Microsoft and Xbox can boast has not happened to them.

Xbox Live is also regularly updated with new features, such as the upcoming update that adds Clubs and a Looking for Group function to help you find multiplayer fun in your favorite games. That update has already been added to Xbox’s Preview function, which lets certain lucky players take a sneak peek at the game.

The service also has its Games with Gold program, which allows members of the Xbox Live Gold program to get a number of free games every month. While the Playstation Network has a similar system, its choice in games is much more often criticized than Xbox’s.

While you may have your own opinion that doesn’t agree with IHS Markit, it’s something that does have a significant amount of weight to it.