Rise of the Tomb Raider Video Shows Graphics on PS4 Pro Compared To Xbox One

A Rise of the Tomb Raider video posted to YouTube by Cycu1 showed off the graphical difference of the PS4 Pro compared to Xbox One by doing a side-by-side comparison, and the difference between the two is subtle, but important, and shows off how much better the PS4 Pro is than the Xbox One.

More defined textures and better lighting are the most noticeable ones: with the Playstation 4’s new HDR setting allowing for better imaging and lighting, the various scenes that the video shows go into detail on how well the game looks on the PS4 Pro compared to Xbox One. Textures are better, lighting is better, and you can see more of the wear and tear and dirt on Lara that covers her on her adventures.

Considering that the re-imagined Tomb Raider games are some of the best-looking games of the current generation (especially given the re-done versions available), it’s not a surprise that something like this would be used as a benchmark for how well the Playstation 4 Pro does rendering things in 4K.

The games all make heavy use of stunning vistas and buildings and brilliant set pieces that show us crumbling ruins scarred by weather, and the difference in PS4 Pro compared to Xbox One shows us that a lot of different games that will be on the Playstation 4 and the PS4 Pro will likely start getting a great deal better-looking, even with the edge that the Playstation 4 already has over the Xbox One.

Whether this difference will keep up when March of 2017 rolls around and the Xbox One Scorpio releases, however, is something completely different. The Xbox One Scorpio has a higher number of teraflops than the Playstation 4 Pro does, having 6 compared to the PS4 Pro’s 4.2. With this it’s likely that the Scorpio will pass the Pro in regards to graphical quality, but we’ll have to wait and see.