Project Scorpio is a Sequel, PS4 Pro is a High-End PS4: Remedy

Project Scorpio is coming out next year and even though Microsoft isn’t marketing it as a next-gen console, to some it does feel like sequal. One of such people is Remedy’s Thomas Poha.

The highly talented Head of Communications at Remedy stated that he thinks of Project Scorpio as a sequel to Xbox One. Meanwhile, PS4 Pro feels like a high-end PS4.

This is exactly what Sony wanted us to think of the new console. PS4 Pro is not a next-gen console but a mid-gen upgrade to current hardware. PS4 Pro is going to sit alongside PS4 so fans should rest assured that Sony is not abandoning PS4.

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The base model is still the leading platform while PS4 Pro is for those wanting a much sharper gaming experience. Mark Cerny explained the idea behind PS4 Pro:

At the start of a generation there’s a lot of the adjustment and learning as the developers dig into the tools and technologies that we provide them. That’s great because it allows them to create entirely new types of games, but at the same time there’s a certain cost associated with that.

PlayStation 4 Pro arriving as it does mid-generation means that our target is to take the whole PS4 experience to a new level and to do so without the kind of disruption that moving to new console generation would entail.

Meanwhile, Project Scorpio is still not properly discussed by Microsoft so any confusion about the console is justified. However, it is safe to say that the idea behind both of these new machines are the same. Project Scorpio will not overshadow Xbox One S, hopefully, and same will be the case with PS4 Pro and PS4.