Sony Defends That There’s No Playstation 4 Pro 4K Blu-Ray

One thing that some Playstation fans may have noticed from the Playstation Meeting announcements yesterday is that there’s no Playstation 4 Pro 4K Blu-Ray support. While the console does have Blu-Ray capabilities, it won’t be able to play any 4K Blu-Ray DVDs, despite its increased emphasis on 4K for its gaming and video functions.

While this seems like a fairly minor quibble, the fact that there is no Playstation 4 Pro 4K Blu-Ray support has some Playstation 4 “fans” up in arms. However, Andrew House, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, defended the reasoning behind the lack of 4K Blu-Ray support by saying that the Playstation 4 Pro’s main focus is actually on video streaming.

According to House, video streaming is the second-most amount of time that people used their Playstation 4 for, aside from the obvious, gaming. With the Playstation 4 having apps for Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and Crunchyroll, video streaming is a big part of the Playstation 4, just like it is for many modern TVs and the Xbox One, Playstation’s most direct competitor.

Another reason is that they have had tried to keep the price down, and considering that Netflix already has a 4K streaming option (as do most of the other services), that a 4K Blu-Ray player would have driven the price up more than Playstation executives were comfortable with, especially since it’s already pushing 400 dollars, a hundred dollars more than the Playstation 4 Slim that will be replacing Playstation 4 consoles in stores.

Despite the increasing prevalence of digital media over physical, physical media still has a very big presence in gaming and movies. Video games get sales reports via physical copies, with digital versions as afterthoughts, so it will take a while before digital media starts to truly dominate the gaming market.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a console to play 4K Blu-Rays, you’ll probably have to keep waiting and hope that the Xbox One Scorpio does it, or just rely on a regular Blu-Ray disc.