Call of Duty’s “Zombies in Spaceland” is One Giant 80s Throwback

The newest Call of Duty zombies mode, entitled “Zombies in Spaceland,” has already been established as a giant throwback to the 80s, what with cheesy surroundings, bright colors, pop music, and more. However, now the game mode’s new intro will show that it’s even more of one than first thought.

“Zombies in Spaceland” deals with a quartet of comedians who originally came to the Spaceland amusement park in order to audition for an act at the park’s theater. However with this, they’re forced to fight for survival against hordes of zombies, using the park’s many traps and weapons to their advantage.

Considering it’s the 80s, the mode’s cinematic intro will likely involve a variety of bright colors and music, stupidly big jewelry, and big, poofy hair. Considering what we’ve seen of the characters, the guessing seems to be accurate so far, especially given that various trailers also show us a deadly disco floor trap, a boom box with a bomb strapped to its back, and various laser guns to boot.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will be the game that Zombies in Spaceland will be a part of, though the Revelations map for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is the current zombies mode that people are playing, especially since Revelations just released on Tuesday, earlier this week.

With Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare not coming out until November, it’s up to Infinity Ward to make their very first zombie mode a good one, especially since Sledgehammer and Treyarch have a good bit more experience with the Call of Duty zombie modes that have become so prevalent.

Either way, Treyarch still has a good length of time left for them to show us how Zombies in Spaceland will work when it releases, so hopefully they can make it appealing enough to attract a sizable crowd when Infinite Warfare finally releases.