Shigeru Miyamoto: 3D Mario Games Will Come To Nintendo’s Own Platforms

Apple revealed its iPhone 7 the same day Sony revealed its PlayStation 4 Pro during PlayStation Meeting. However, during Apple’s annual event we got a surprise appearance from Shigeru Miyamoto, and new mobile game called Super Mario Run was also announced. The mobile game will be a 2D platformer and according to Miyamoto, 3D Mario Games will not come to mobiles.

Speaking with Verge, Shigeru Miyamoto discussed a lot about Mario game. When asked about will there be 3D Mario games for the smartphone, he said that 3D Mario games will primarily be released for Ninitendo 3DS. He also explained the reason behind it, according to him smartphones are not powerful enough to achieve full 3D Mario games.

When you start to talk about the 3D Mario games particularly, where you’re running around in a space and exploring and things like that, I think something like that is still difficult to achieve on a smart device. So for those types of games we’ll continue to focus our attention on our own platforms.

Earlier this month Nintendo announced that Super Mario Maker is coming for Nintendo 3DS, and will launch on 2nd December, 2016.

Identical to its console counterpart, the game allows players to create their own unique Super Mario levels. We may also see Super Mario Maker 3DS bundles soon, so keep an eye on Amazon and other retailers.

Some video game fans are quite enthusiastic about their favorite games, such was the case with Metrood 2, which was supposed to get a fan remake. However, Nintendo is known for protecting its IPs, and the company sent DMCA notice and the remake was taken down. Metroid 2 fan remake received an official take down request soon after its developer revealed its existence.

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