Ubisoft’s The Crew Is Next Free PC Game for UPlay

Ubisoft’s The Crew, a racing game MMO that allowed you to drive across a scaled down version of the United States, is the next free PC game that is coming out on UPlay with Ubisoft’s ongoing “Ubi 30” celebration, where Ubisoft is releasing a free game every month this year to celebrate its 30th year of game publishing.

Ubisoft’s The Crew follows in the wake of Rayman Origins, the fourth installment of the Rayman series that came out in 2011 (and would later be followed by Rayman Legends in 2013). Now, as we’re halfway to September 14, The Crew will be replacing Rayman as the free PC game of the month.

Ubisoft’s The Crew may not be as well-loved as Rayman, Prince of Persia, or Splinter Cell, however; the game came out to somewhat mediocre reviews due to server issues and bugs, but greatly improved over time and got a big uptick in players when it was placed on the Xbox Live Games with Gold service, which allowed Xbox Live Gold owners to download two (or four) free games every month.

Not only will The Crew be available for download on September 14, but Xbox One players will also be getting a new expansion coming for it, entitled “Calling All Units”, which will likely be related to some kind of police mechanic in the game.

In order to download Ubisoft’s The Crew for free, all you have to do is log into UPlay. Yes, yes, a lot of gamers don’t like it, but if you want either gaming classics like Prince of Persia or Splinter Cell, or even just something to kill time like The Crew, you’ll have to get it. Or you could just ignore it and wait for next month, it’s your choice.

Either way The Crew is coming to UPlay on September 14, which is only one week away.