What PS4 Pro Rumors Turned Out To Be True

Sony finally announced the rumored upgraded version of its PS4 console yesterday during an event, where they also revealed the PS4 slim model. However, instead of the previously excepted name of PS4 Neo, the new and more powerful console will be called PS4 Pro. Let’s have a breakdown of PS4 Pro vs PS4 Neo specifications.

Surprisingly, the specifications of the new console, which Sony insists is not a new generation, are pretty on point with what the rumors had suggested earlier. According to rumors of Neo, the console would feature the same CPU, an 8-core Jaguar, but with higher clock speeds at 2.1GHz. Turns out, the PS4 Pro has the exact same CPU specs.

In terms of GPU, the console was expected to have a big upgrade over the current, clocked in at 800MHz. PS4 Neo was expected to feature a custom made AMD GPU clocked at 911MHz, which the PS4 Pro delivers in the form of a custom GPU built on the latest AMD Polaris architecture. The GPU has 4.2 TFLOPS of computing power and 8GB GDDR5 memory to deliver good quality 4K experience.

Speaking of 4K, while the earlier rumors suggested that PS4 Neo will deliver a native 4K experience, possibly above 30FPS, the reality with PS4 Pro is a bit more complex. While the PS4 Pro does feature 4K resolution (3840×2160) for upcoming games, it seems like the console will be using a next-generation upscaling technique with 4×4 checkerboard processing.

However, since PS4 Pro is compatible with the base model PS4 games as well, some of those old games will support native 4K resolution on the new console, albeit with less than 60FPS.

Perhaps the most disappointing thing about PS4 Pro is its lack of 4K Blu-Ray disc support which means those interested in 4K movies and shows will have to rely on streaming services.

More detailed specifications of PS4 Pro, and how developers will use this increased power are not known yet. Sony has said that Mark Cerny, the lead PS4 architect will be delving deeper into the specifications of the console in the coming few weeks.

Hopefully, the developers opt for something like Crystal Dynamics is doing with Rise of the Tomb Raider and give players the choice of 4K or 1080p with improved frames.

In terms of PS4 Pro vs PS4 Neo pricing, the rumors are once again on point as the officially announced console, as expected, will be on sale on November 10th for $400.