PS4 Pro Sits Alongside PS4, Not a New-Gen Console: Sony

PS4 Pro was announced earlier at PlayStation Meeting by Sony, it is a mid-gen update to the current-gen hardware. However, Sony’s messaging is not as clear as it should have been so many were confused over what PS4 Pro means.

Rest assured that PS4 Pro is not a new-gen console that will eclipse the current PS4 model. According to Sony’s Mark Cerny, the machine will sit alongside PS4 as a mid-gen update to existing hardware. For those looking to take their experience to the next level with 4K, can go ahead and grab PS4 Pro.

However, the rest can stick with PS4 and enjoy the same games at a lower resolution. Sony is changing the way console generations work. Games will now be developed like smartphone apps that work across different sets of hardware.

For example, Infinite Warfare will run at 4K with HDR support on PS4 Pro but will run on the standard model as well. Just like it would have if there was no PlayStation 4 Pro to begin with.

Mark Cerny explained what they are trying to do.

At the start of a generation there’s a lot of the adjustment and learning as the developers dig into the tools and technologies that we provide them. That’s great because it allows them to create entirely new types of games, but at the same time there’s a certain cost associated with that.

“PlayStation 4 Pro arriving as it does mid-generation means that our target is to take the whole PS4 experience to a new level and to do so without the kind of disruption that moving to new console generation would entail.

He went on to say:

For game content the new console is targeted primarily at higher fidelity graphics and smoother frame rates. These are great areas for us to focus on because they don’t alter the fundamental gameplay. The creator’s vision is just represented in a richer fashion.

We’re working very hard to ensure the PS4 remains a single unified community. The games are playable on both consoles of course. It’s the same discs and downloads, the same online community and most of the user experience is quite similar. The main difference is that with PS4 Pro we’re giving developers an opportunity to make their games more impactful and immersive. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the developers take advantage of all that

PlayStation 4 Pro is releasing on November 10 for $399.