PS4 Pro Announced With 4K, HDR, AMD Polaris and Much More

Update: PS4 Pro is releasing on November 10 for $399.

Original Story: PlayStation Meeting is under way and the announcement we have all been waiting for so long has arrived. PlayStation 4 Neo is announced as PS4 Pro. It will sit alongside PS4 Slim, which is now the standard console.

Mark Cerny is on stage explaining the details about the new machine. Its GPU is twice as strong as PlayStation 4. The console is using AMD Poralis and comes with HDR and 4K support.

One of the games shown for PS4 Neo is Insomniac’s Spider Man game. We also saw For Honor running in Real-Time at 4K on PlayStation 4 Pro. All games shown used character models and art created for the standard versions. However, all of the data is transformative.

PS4 Pro is easily to develop for and is as simple as creating different resolution sets, similar to a PC. PS4 Pro is for 4K gaming and isn’t intended for those with 1080p screens. However, using a PS4 Pro with 1080p screens will allow players to experience better visuals thanks to the games being aware which display the console is connected to.

Sony will release updates to patch current games to be compatible with PS4 Pro, 4K, and HDR.

PlayStation 4 Pro is aiming to achieve photorealism and HDR allows it to bring us one step closer. The lighting effects change drastically with HDR but keep in mind that you will require an HDR and 4K display to benefit from these new features.

Netflix is also partnering with Sony to bring a new app for 4K content on PS4 Pro, same is the deal with YouTube.

Sony hasn’t mentioned any trade-in programs at the time of this writing but such program is crucial for the success of PS4 Pro.
According to Analyst, Michael Goodman:

There will be a lot of hardcore gamers, that early adopter market, that if you didn’t have some sort of hardware trade-in program, you’re going to alienate them. I would be very surprised if you don’t see some sort of trade-in program. One interesting part of that is since Microsoft will be second to market, they’re going to learn so much from the Sony launch and how to do it.

Stay-tuned for more.

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