Sony Revealed Forward Compatibility For PlayStation 4 Pro, Games Will be Patched

Sony has announced PlayStation Pro, an upgrade version of PlayStation 4 capable of playing games at 4K with HDR. However, during the presentation Sony mentioned an interesting term, Forward Compatibility.

The term Forward Compatibility is almost self explanatory, its function is similar to Backwards Compatibility but also a little different. This feature will allow games that have been already released for PS4 to take advantage of 4K and HDR capabilities of the upgraded console along with those games that has not been released yet for PlayStation 4 will be playable on PlayStation Pro right out of the box.

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However, not all games will take advantage of 4K and HDR, unless they are patched by the developers. Games like Call Of Duty Black Ops 3, Middle Earth Shadow Of Mordor and many more titles will be support Forward Compatibility.

However, developers will not forced to utilize the HDR and 4K capabilities of PlayStation Pro, as developers will be free to utilize to give the game more in-game assets and make the game look extremely beautiful in 1080 resolution.

That is not all, during the presentation Sony also showcased the upcoming Spider Man game, Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, Watch Dogs, For Honor, Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare and many more games that utilized the 4K and HDR capabilities of PlayStation Pro.

While the main competitor for PlayStation Pro is Xbox One Scorpio, however, Scorpio is scheduled to launch in Holiday 2017. But Sony has announced that PlayStation Pro will be available on November 10, 2016, so Sony has an one year advantage over Microsoft.