Dialing Down Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Was A “Very Conscious Decision”, Says Senior Producer

Infinity Ward revealed Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare multiplayer at Call Of Duty XP. We got our first look at the multiplayer, however, one can’t help but notice that Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare multiplyer seems a little bit grounded compared to previous titles.

Speaking with Twinfinite, Senior Producer Jack O’Hara revealed that the Infinity Ward intentionally slowed things down in Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare multiplayer.

It’s a very conscious decision to just dial it down a little bit. One of the biggest problems we identify is people getting outside of the field of view.” Too much mobility, especially in competitive faceoffs, can give players a too much verticality for comfort.

He explained that in a map majority of the engagements has happening like somebody is looking down on a player and the player can’t see him, then it gets frustrating.

If the majority of engagements is somebody looking down on you, and you can’t see them, then it ends up being a very frustrating experience to die from these lone angles. Toning down the action helps the engagements stay more focused, more concentrated, and kind of leads to a more satisfying experience.

He further added that in Call Of Duty Ghosts “we had a much shorter respawn timer. So every time you got killed, you would watch yourself die for 0.5 seconds, and we did work to shorten that duration.” At this speed there was not enough time for the player to realize what has happened.

So raising the timer to 0.75 seconds gives players a significant break. While players might not notice the change the brain will.

Recently, Infinity Ward’s senior producer Lee Ross, the zombies mode for the game will be very different from the main game and other zombies ventures in the previous games.

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare is scheduled to launch on November 4, 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.