New Video Highlights Mafia 3 Gameplay Features Including Free Roam And Sitdowns

2KCentral, an unofficial Youtube channel covering information regarding 2K Games titles has revealed some new interesting Mafia 3 gameplay features that were talked about during PAX West.

According to the channel, one of the major ways the new game is shaking up the franchise formula is allowing players to free roam throughout the game world even after they have finished the main game, something which was not possible in the original Mafia game or Mafia 2.

This will ensure that those who want to finish the story quickly for fear of spoilers can do so without missing out their chance for some other achievements regarding side activities in the game.

The video also talks about another one of Mafia 3 gameplay features, namely the city tunnels. Apparently the developers have added underground tunnels beneath New Orleans that players can explore and use to travel between different gang hideouts using a boat.

The police response time is also getting a big overhaul in Mafia 3. Unlike previous games where the response time was fixed, in Mafia 3 it will depend upon the district which the player is currently present in. An example of this is the posh area, Fresco Fields, where police will respond faster to crimes than areas like Delray Hollow.

What’s a gang related game without sitdowns between different gangsters right? Well Mafia 3 will have those as well where players as Lincoln will sitdown with Vito, Burke or Cassandra. These sitdowns will determine which one of these three gets control over a racket or district which Lincoln recently took over.

Players will have to carefully think about handing over what to which underboss as it can have dire consequence and even lead to betrayal from one of the underbosses.

Mafia 3 is scheduled for release on 7th October for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. With just a month left till launch, developers Hangar 13 detailed their DLC plans for the game which include free content as well as some paid expansions.