Second Sea of Thieves Podcast Episode 2 Gives More Info About the Game

The second Sea of Thieves podcast, called Sea of Thieves: Tales from the Tavern, has been released on YouTube to give more information out about Microsoft’s upcoming multiplayer sailing game. The podcast, which was begun by Sea of Thieves’s developer Rare, started a month ago among the other Sea of Thieves videos that the studio posts on its YouTube page.

Sea of Thieves is the first Rare game that’s been revealed in a while, and like many of the Microsoft games that were revealed at E3 2016 it seems to be a very promising-looking game. After all, considering how well Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag did with its sailing, it’s likely that, if it’s done well, Sea of Thieves will have a similar success.

The Sea of Thieves podcast is dedicated to allowing the developers of Rare to not only talk about the various conventions and events that Sea of Thieves is at, but to also talk about various questions that the Sea of Thieves community may have about the game before it releases sometime next year.

In the case of this new episode of the podcast, the developers talk about the game’s stint at Gamescom at the end of August (where fans of the game got to play it for the first time), and answer community questions about the game’s lore, its music, and other things.

Sea of Thieves gives players the opportunity to sail the high seas on their own pirate ship, doing things like searching for buried treasures, battling pirate curses (that include undead skeletons) and fighting the ships of other players, all in glorious first person.

Hopefully the Sea of Thieves podcast, coupled with the game’s strong showings at Gamescom and E3, will be able to make Rare a new critically acclaimed game that will catapult it back into the ranks of the great game developers. Sea of Thieves is supposed to come out sometime next year.