Persona 5 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Among Famitsu’s Highest-Rated Games

According to a group of Famitsu reviews, Persona 5 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 are the two games that many of its readers look forward to the most. The two couldn’t be farther apart, but they do show that among all of the other games in the magazine, RPGs from a well-beloved series and a long-time sports series are two of Japan’s most-wanted.

The group of ratings that saw Persona 5 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 come forward as the two best-reviewed games came about as a ratings system, which gave the games ratings out of forty. Persona 5 and Pro Evolution Soccer got the highest ratings, with PES getting 37 out of 40 and Persona 5 getting 39 out of 40. This is opposed to the other games, who came from mid-twenties to early thirties, none of them anywhere near PES and Persona.

Both games will also be coming out on the same day in Japan, on September 15. The choice then among Japanese gamers will be which game they want to play first. Persona has gained a massive following among many Playstation gamers, especially after the runaway success that Persona 4 had that truly brought the series to the attention of the West.

Pro Evolution Soccer, as a series that has always been one of Konami’s regular products, is a native Japanese soccer game that serves the same sort of purpose there as the Madden NFL games in America or the FIFA games in Europe. Since the series has been going since 2001, it’s had plenty of time to build up a large amount of Japanese fans.

Persona 5 and Pro Evolution Soccer will also be releasing in the West, but while Pro Evolution Soccer will be coming this September, Persona fans will have to wait a bit longer before they can play Persona 5; it’s slated to come out on February 14, Valentine’s Day, in North America and Europe.