Director Says More Killzone Games Could Happen In The Future

Killzone Shadow Fall was the last game for the Killzome franchise to release, as the franchise came to a conclusive end with the game. However, Killzone franchise is rich with opportunities for more Killzone games, at least Guerrilla Games managing director Hermen Hulst thinks so.

In the October issue of Game Informer, Hermen Hulst, said that the developers has a lot of love for the franchise, and they have left everything open for the future, meaning more Killzone games could come in the future.

Killzone is very key and very core to Guerrilla. We have a lot of love for the franchise. In a way it’s conclusive, but at the same time we’ll leave everything open for the future. Who am I to say we’ll never do anything? There’s too much in it to ever make any kind of definite statements on [the future of Killzone].

Killzone is one of the most popular exclusive franchises for PlayStation and there have been many games in the franchise and all of them were developed by Guerrilla Games.

While there is a possibility of more Killzone games, but it seems that we would not be getting one soon as the studio is currently developing Horizon Zero Dawn for PlayStation 4.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a PlayStation 4 exclusive RPG, and according to game director Mathijs de Jonge, the game is a nerd dream come true for the Studio.

Horizon is a nerd dream come true for us, and we want this world to feel believable, so we invest a ton of time in every design. But it’s also about doing things differently: Almost every movie or game set in the future is dark and grim. More like a desert than the Earth we know.

Do you think Guerrilla Games should develop another Killzone game or just left the franchise where it ended? Let us know in the comments.