A Modder Ported One Of The First Warcraft 3 Dota Map To Dota 2

A Dota 2 modder Arsjac has ported eul 3.76d, one of the earliest Warcraft 3 Dota maps, to Dota 2. The modder not only ported the map but also ported the original mechanics and heroes. According to the modder all the mechanics that were available in the original Warcraft 3 Dota map are ported to Dota 2. These include: all items are shareable, a secret quest(Morbazan), Warcraft 3 like corpse system and more.

  • All items fully shareable
  • Killing a barracks stops the respective production
  • Secret river shop
  • Morbazan (secret quest)
  • Special exclusive items tied to scourge/sentinel
  • Warcraft 3-like corpse system to make the undead-spells work
  • Hero-selection tied to factions
  • Gold-transfer between players

All heroes have also been ported except for four, however, he did mentioned that those heroes will also be ported in near future. Also all items, spells and old layout, with exception of infravision-dog, have been ported, and also assured that infravision-dog will be ported soon.

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However, there are few things that do not match with original version of the map yet, and these features will be removed soon. These include:

  • mega-creeps still there (weren’t in the original), working on it to remove them
  • Leshrac is not a 100% copy, as is Luna’s ultimate (working on that)
  • Some stats of the neutral creeps and their respawn-timers
  • Some damage types could be wrong (magic instead of pure etc. – that’s just because so many of them got ported, 28 * 4! Some mistakes are inevitable)

This map is available through steam workshop, and players will be able to play it with custom rule set by searching for “Dota classic” in the in-game arcade.

Also Checkout the comparison screenshots between the original and the ported map.

Dota 2 is free-to-play MOBA developed and published by Valve Corporation for Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux. Do try out the Warcraft 3 Dota Map and let us know in the comments below.

Source: Dotabuff